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Why RED Should be First Choice for Indian Bride..??



Red is the color of extremes… the color of passionate love and seduction. It is the color of good luck in Asia and is the most popular color in China. In India, the color red is associated with the auspicious occasion and we know very well wedding is the most auspicious moment here in our country…. Yeah! Red makes its appearance here too. If we go back to our history, the time of Zeenat Aman and Rekha, we will see in almost every next wedding, bride carrying beautiful red attire not only in real life but, also on reel life. Red is the constant companion of Indian brides.


It is a color that symbolizes life- the beginning of a new life. A wedding brings a significant change in a traditional Indian woman’s life. She leaves her parents’ house and starts a new family with her in-laws. The red color also stands for fertility and prosperity, which has much significance in the Indian subcontinent.


However, if we talk about today’s era…we will see women wearing pink, blue and a multicolor dress as well…Although here is no real compulsion to wear red but, if we talk about our Indian tradition, it is been said that the planet Mars is in charge of marriages as per astrology, and it is red in color as well. Keeping that in mind, Indian brides should wear red during the wedding customs.
Indian weddings are also renowned for their bright and vibrant colors, and which color can be livelier than red. Red color and its shine enhance the occasion’s auspiciousness many times.
Today, we Indians do not care about our own traditions. We follow a new trend. However, following the new trend doesn’t mean forgetting our own tradition.


Fashion goes and come but, there is something beyond fashion. There is the beauty of an Indian bride, and that can only be completed by carrying a red attire on her special day.

So, what do you think ?

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