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Why Bahubali-The Conclusion is worth watching?



In the year 2015, Bahubali released with some spectacular expectation and hopefully, the film did exceptionally well. Now 2 years down the lane, the sequel is expected to create new box-office records all over India and the world.

When its release is around the corner, let’s talk about the 5 reasons you should not miss to watch Bahubali-the conclusion

1.Unanswered Question

The very first is the most discussed question from last 2 years. We need the answer to the question that has been delayed for 2 years now…’Why does the king’s servant and bahubali’s loyalist katthapa kill bahubali in the first place?’ This is something which the entire nation wants to know…



The budget of both the films put together was supposed to be an Indian film record for 250 crores. Now that the first film has around 600 crores worldwide cross, the Producer and the Director S.S Rajamouli decided to add up some more bucks to live up to the expectation of tremendous release. Now the budget of the second film alone is somewhere between 225 crores making it the costliest film ever produced in Indian cinema.


3.The 40-minute climax

The climax of the first film was its highlight and in this film too, the climax fight between Shigdo and Ballal Dev is suppose to be the highlight. The expected length as per the cinematographer of the film is almost 40 minutes long…between which not even a single minute will be boring. This is going to be epic


4.Pre release business record

The movie has created a huge record which will take some time to break. The film as per Indian Express records has done a profit of approx 500 crores. Just to give you some figures, the film Hindi distribution business is backed by dharma productions for a whopping prize of 120 crores. The satellite rights for film Telugu version were sold for 26 crores. Its Tamil and Malayalam version are backed by star groups for 13 crores and its Hindi version was backed by sony for a dubbed film record of 51 crores.


5.Bahubali 3

Yes, it has been confirmed by director S.S Rajmouli himself that work on bahubali 3 is ON. The director gave this information through twitter. The best will be the story that has been written for 2 parts will not be dragged for the sake of it. The story will conclude with the second part itself. However Bahubali 3 will be the film that audiences have never experienced before but, if there is any connection between 2 and 3 then you have to go and watch the 2nd part on 28th April.

So what are you waiting for? Go and book your movie tickets right now <3

So, what do you think ?

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