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The Grand Success of GIIFFA/ After Party

To Celebrate the grand success of GIIFFA 2017 the entire team was a part of an enchanting success party by the festival management Mr Himanshu Sharma, Chairperson & Mr Anant Rai, Director at Taksim, Ansal Plaza, Delhi. This party was attended by  various films & media celebrities along with the Jury team members of GIIFFA.  […]


Congratulations Team GIIFFA..

Global Impact International Film Festival & Awards After the two days of magnificent screening process GIIFFA 2017 enthralled myriad people and filmmaker with the execution of its astounding Award Ceremony which was attended by renowned filmmaker and people from congruent background and above all 3 of the esteemed Jury members of GIIFFA and celebrities Mr […]


ग्लोबल इंपैक्ट इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल अवॉर्ड 2017

वक्त है लाइट, कैमरा और एक्शन का…. वक्त है अपने अंदर के कलाकार को जगाने का… क्योंकि हर शख्स के भीतर मौजूद रहता है एक चरित्र अभिनेता… क्योंकि हर शख्स का होता है अपना अलग चरित्र…और वो उसी तरह निभाता है अपना किरदार…तो क्यों ना उस किरदार के जरिए…आप छा जाएं रुपहले पर्दे पर…और अभिनय […]