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Super-30(Bihar) the global pride of India


Over the years, Bihar has produced many great personalities like our first President of India

Dr.Rajendra Prasad, former IFS Syed Shahabuddin, politician Loknayak Jaiprakash Narayan

and Hindi poet Nagarjun and so many. But within the span of 15 years, Bihar has hit the

news headlines for producing scores of IITians, who belong to weaker section of the society.

The credit goes to Super- 30, a study group of 30 financially weak students run by one and

only Mr.Anand Kumar. Every year, 30 students are given training for IIT-JEE, who are

selected from socially and economically weaker section of the society.

Mr. Kumar started the Super 30 in 2002 in the capital of Bihar Patna and created a history

by elevating the lives of poor students. In addition to 100% success rate in Super 30, in the

year 2017,396 out of 450 students of Ramanujan School of Mathematics (RSM) were

selected in IITs. His effort has been appreciated all over the world. He was invited by the

prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University to speak

about his mission and technique. He was awarded the S.Ramanujan Award for 2010 by the

Institute for Research and Documentation in social Science (IRDS).

Mr. Kumar belongs to a very poor family but he never gave up. His father was a clerk in the

Post Office. In initial stage, he used to study in his school during the day time and selling

papads in the evening with his mother, who had started a small business from home to

support her family.

With dreams in his eyes to do something exception, in the year 1992, Mr.Kumar started

teaching Mathematics with a rented classroom for Rs. 500 per month, and stated his own

institute the Ramanujan School of Mathematics (RSM).Within the span of year, his class

grew from two students to 36 and after three years there were almost 500 students

enrolled.He felt pain when some poor students came to learn from him but they were not

having the money to take admission. He decided to start the Super-30 programme free of

cost for to fulfil the dreams of financially weak students.

Every year, since 2002, the Ramanujan School of Mathematics holds a competitive test to

select 30 students for the “Super-30” scheme from poor family. He teaches them and

provides them study materials along with hostel and meal free of cost for a year. He helps

them to prepare for the Joint Entrance Examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology

(IIT). His mother Mrs. Jayanti Devi personally cooks for the students, while his brother

Mr.Pranav Kumar takes care of the management. The table given below describes the

success story of Super-30.

Year Total Students Successful Students
2003 30 22
2004 30 22
2005 30 26
2006 30 28
2007 30 28
2008 30 30
2009 30 36
2010 30 30
2011 30 24
2012 30 27
2013 30 28
2014 30 27
2015 30 25
2016 30 28
2017 30 30

Mr.Kumar has not accepted any financial support for Super-30 from any government as

private agencies, as he manages the coaching from the tuition fee received from Ramanujan

Institute. When he got success, many national companies and international companies

offered financial help, he always refused. He did not want to take help from any sources; he

wanted to sustain Super-30 from his own efforts. Anand Kumar is not only a good teacher

but also a good human being. We should take a lesson from him that as a human being what

is our responsibility for the society.

So, what do you think ?

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