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Organize your Beauty loot


Want to look forever Cute? First organize your Beauty loot. Showing off beautiful skin has become the rule of modern times. Every Woman deserves to be appreciated, respected and admired. These days’ beauty products are everyone choice as they enhance the beauty of a person to a maximum level. As it is being always said that ‘Take Care of your things and things will take your Care.’ Selecting, Cleaning and Organizing your beauty products are as important as applying them to have your favorite celebrity look. Here are few things that every woman should know about their beauty enhancers.


Toss It

toss it

‘Precaution is always better than Cure.’

Checking expiry dates of products before using them is far better than going out and giving half of your salary to a Dermatologist. According to Dr. Debra Jaliman, a New York City Dermatologist, “Anything that comes into a regular contact with your hands has a shorter shelf life.”

So all the Beautiful ladies! Whisper a fond adieu to all those products you have been hoarding since long. Some basic tips that you should always keep in mind can be like tossing your liquid foundation and BB creams within six months of opening, Replacing your Mascara every six months and also replacing your lipstick, eye, lip and brow pencils within one year of opening.


Clean It

clean it

Cleaning your brushes is very important to get a glowing skin or else all you will get are rashes all around your face. Good quality makeup brushes can safely last for years, as long as you wash them every two weeks. Rinse them in lukewarm water with mild Shampoo or brush cleaner and gently massage the bristles. Make a habit of keeping your brushes under the sun every month as the rays help in killing bacteria or you could invest in an antibacterial brush spray.


Store It

store it

Having everything on you dressing and not finding anything at right time is a common problem with every woman. Organizing everything at a right place may consume your time but it will make your mornings a way too easier. Look through your bathroom, clothing and dressing and make a list of the ways that you seem to naturally arrange your stuff without spending a single penny. Waste things that are be easily available at your home can be a best option to store your cosmetics.

It can be a spice rack as a shelf for your perfume bottles or a Sunglass case for your Makeup brushes. What else that you can do is to separate your products by category inside of a Kitchen utensil and try to organize your makeup drawer.


A Monster size collection is okay as long as everything is well loved, hygienic and organized.

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