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Menstruation- No boundary for Women


Rukmani Chaurasia,Delhi

Menstruation is phenomena unique to all girls. When a girl is in periods, she is sufferring from many problems, like pain in stomach and in legs is natural, but the biggest pain of girl is facing the socio-cultural myths while she is in a period. Many girls and women are subject to restrictions in their daily lives simply because they are menstruating. Not entering the “puja” room is the major restrictions among urban girls whereas, not not entering in the kitchen is the main ristriction among the rural girls. Menstruating girl and women are also restricted from offering prayers and touching holy books. The underlying basis for the myth is also the cultural belief of impurity associated with periods.


Another thing, buying sanitary napking is shameful-the shopkepper would wrap it in a newspaper or in a black plastic polythene and hand it over. Not touching the pickles, as a girl is grew up, she face a lot of restrictions, from not touching, not washing hair, having seperate utensils, having different bedsheets and many more. These taboos and myths are faced by a girl every month and all these myths are not good for womens.

In past times, there was no sanitary pads, soaps, shampoos, cleaners etc. was not available thats why these taboos and myths are born but now all these things are available, when a women is in periods, she knows she has to be clean. Periods is natural in all women, this monthly cycle, is not a shameful thing.


But now, some changes are happen with these taboos and myths. People changing their mind set about the menstruation cycle. People also know this is the natural part of the reproductive cycle in which blood from the uterus exists through the vagina.

Empowerment of women through education and increasing their role in decision making can also aid in this regard. Increasing the education status of womenplays an important role in improving the health status of the community at large and overcoming the cultural taboos.

Men and boys typically know even less, but it is important to understand periods, so they can support their wives, daughters and mothers. Menstruation is nothing, it is very normal biological phenomena and adolescent girls and women should understand that “they have the power of procreation only because of this virtue.”

So, what do you think ?

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