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Refrigerator keeps your stuff fresh & cool

By,  Zeeshan Ahmad Summer has come, so the temperature has started increasing. Uncomfortably hot temperatures may make people moody and less likely to be helpful or pro-social , a study suggests. But how to remove this problem? It’s very simple that we are living in 21st century not in Indus valley civilization. We can buy […]


जाने! क्या है योग…?

By,Parag Gupta, Delhi आज 21 इंटरनेशनल योग दिवस है। दुनिया के हर कोने में योग किया जा रहा है। तो आज योग दिवस के मौके पर हम आपको बताएंगे कि योग है क्या ..? योग को धर्म, आस्था और अंधविश्वास से परे एक सीधा सा प्रायोगिक विज्ञान माना जाता है, जो जीवन को जीने की […]


Menstruation- No boundary for Women

Rukmani Chaurasia,Delhi Menstruation is phenomena unique to all girls. When a girl is in periods, she is sufferring from many problems, like pain in stomach and in legs is natural, but the biggest pain of girl is facing the socio-cultural myths while she is in a period. Many girls and women are subject to restrictions […]


जाने! क्यों होता है पहला प्यार ख़ास…

By Parag Gupta, Delhi हर किसी को अपनी लाइफ़ में कभी न कभी प्यार ज़रूर होता है और जब प्यार पहला हो, तो वो प्यार पहला ही रहता है। फिर चाहे वो प्यार आपके साथ रहे या न रहे, पर आपका पहला प्यार आपके साथ ज़िंदगीभर रहता है। इस पहले प्यार पर तो न जाने […]


Organize your Beauty loot

Want to look forever Cute? First organize your Beauty loot. Showing off beautiful skin has become the rule of modern times. Every Woman deserves to be appreciated, respected and admired. These days’ beauty products are everyone choice as they enhance the beauty of a person to a maximum level. As it is being always said […]


Be Healthy from Inside!

Tired of feeding your skin with Chemicals? Give it a Stop! Your skin doesn’t need Phenoxyethanol or Mercury. Many people of all ages struggle with skin problems. To look glowing on the outside, you have to be healthy from inside. One of the biggest motivations to adopt a nutritious diet is the desire to increase […]


Long Hair? Not merely a Dream now

Hey! Do you remember Anmol? Hmm.. The girl with long hair no? Gone those days when people remember you by your name. The trend is changing now. If you want to leave your footprints on someone’s mind, first you should have a personality that can blow their mind. Having long, lustrous hair and clear skin […]


Fashion that never Fades…

KRATIKA CHAUHAN, NEW DELHI Sick of your day-to-day outfits??? You don’t need a whole new wardrobe…The most boring looks can be transformed with the help of a few key accessories…Yes! This is the fashion that never fades and the fashion that will never disappoint you. The importance of accessory in the world of fashion is […]


Black Should Be Your Wardrobe Essential

You know what requires effort in the morning? Picking out an outfit that matches. You know what requires little to no effort in the morning? Yeah! Throwing on an all-black getup. No thoughts, No worries and No problems. I will tell you why black should be your wardrobe essential… Going out for college or Office? […]


Why RED Should be First Choice for Indian Bride..??

KRATIKA CHAUHAN, DELHI Red is the color of extremes… the color of passionate love and seduction. It is the color of good luck in Asia and is the most popular color in China. In India, the color red is associated with the auspicious occasion and we know very well wedding is the most auspicious moment […]