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Ecuadorian Dance by INTI LLACTA MANTA at IEFF 2017


INTI LLACTA MANTA Group is here at IEFF 2017 to rescue and disseminate the Ecuadorian cultural identity through dance and build peace and harmony.


ieffa6The objective of the group is to rescue and disseminate Ecuadorian cultural identity through dance and to build peace
and harmony. Half the World Ecuador, under the direction of master choreographer MARIO ANTONIO MANTILLA BAYAS with more than 40 years of experience, winner of several artistic Folklore festivals such as the Golden Equinox 2013, Sun Temple 2014, Carnival of Amaguaña 2015, among others.

For the indigenous native of Ecuador, dancing the San Juanito expresses a communal message of unity feeling,
identity, and relationship with Mother Earth (Pacha mama).

Today the San Juanito is a part of the repertoire of various traditional festivals and social gatherings across the
country. During lively festivals, dancers showcase their best moves and dance forming circles and small trains of people.


According to the Ecuadorian musicologistSegundo Luis Moreno, Sanjuanito was danced by indigenous people during San Juan Bautista’s birthday. This important date was established by the Spaniards on June 24, coincidentally the same date when
indigenous people celebrated their rituals of Inti Raymi. The Panama hat is of Ecuadorian origin, and is known there as “Sombrero de paja toquilla”, or a Jipijapa. It is made principally in Montecristi, in the province of Manabí and in the province of Azuay. Its manufacture (particularly that of the Montecristi superfino) is considered a great craft. In Cuenca
an important Panama hat industry exists.

The most popular folk music of all is considered the Pasillo, which originates from the classic Viennese waltz. It is
currently part of folk culture and has a slow rhythm, poetic and sentimental texts, and melancholy melodies.


Venue : #Sirifort_Auditorium : October 13, 2017 : 6:00pm
Venue: #NCUI_Auditorium : October 14-15, 2017 : 6:00pm
Entry : FREE with Invitation.
Contact : Raunak Sodhi: 9871289747
Tejas :9810556440

IEFF 2017

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