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Black Should Be Your Wardrobe Essential


You know what requires effort in the morning? Picking out an outfit that matches. You know what requires little to no effort in the morning? Yeah! Throwing on an all-black getup. No thoughts, No worries and No problems. I will tell you why black should be your wardrobe essential…

Going out for college or Office? Birthday Party or Meeting? Movie or Clubbing? There is only one color that suits everywhere. Trends come and go, but there’s one thing a person can always count on: the chic, slimming, and sultry styling of a black-on-black ensemble.


In the 15th century, The duke of Burgundy, was the first to wear black after the end of a mourning period. The color afterwards became a symbol of power, elegance, and luxury. Black reflects authority and power but it could also represent an evil notion for some people.

Back Dress

Black dress

You never get tired of black. It looks elegant and modern even though it can be made up of so many different fabrics and styles. Take out your Black Denims and pair it up with your White, Black, Blue, Green or any color. Trust me you will not regret in your entire day. You will always find new ways to wear black.


Every outfit comes in black. You don’t need to sacrifice your choice. And black clothes coordinate with each other with the greatest of ease. Put on your black shirt. Add a black coat and scarf. Done. No color wheels, no complexion consultations to find your vocabulary of shades.

Wearing black clothes can attract those who love to be with an authoritative person. By wearing black often in the presence of those people they may start to admire you. Black could make you appear thinner and that’s why it’s a good choice if you think that you are overweight. Black can also indicate that you are independent.


There really is nothing as slimming and flattering as black. People don’t realize how much you can get away with when you’re wearing black. You still have pieces from 10 years ago because they still work layered with newer pieces. Experimental style can look crazy when it’s colorful, but with black you can take risks and pull it off easily.


Be it Summer, Winter or Autumn, you can carry Black anywhere anytime without any second thought.


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